Empowering spaces with a Vision for Tomorrow


Square Feet Under Management and Ownership

Infinity Properties sources, acquires and manages all assets in house. Our operational focus and pride of ownership provides tenants with incredible spaces to work and run their business.


What we look for 
in our spaces

  • Industrial Business Parks

  • Multi-Tenant Flex Assets

  • Warehouse Portfolios

  • Private and Institutional Industrial Facilities

  • Value Add & Core Asset

  • All Across the USA

Guiding Principles for Success



Infinity Properties excels in strategic diversification, enhancing investment agility. Meticulously curating a diverse range of assets, we mitigate risks and optimize returns for sustained growth.



Infinity Properties thrives on proactive adaptability, staying ahead with flexibility. Our dynamic approach allows us to swiftly adjust strategies, seizing opportunities and navigating challenges for optimal investor outcomes.



At Infinity Properties, precision is paramount through data-driven decision-making. Leveraging advanced analytics, we make informed choices that maximize investment performance, providing clients with a competitive edge in real estate.

responsible investment offer

Our responsible investment offer is built on the principles of transparency, ethical practices, and a commitment to delivering sustainable returns, ensuring that every investment aligns with both financial goals and responsible business practices.

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